India and Gabon Bilateral Trade Report

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List of Top 10 Products which India Imports and Exports to Gabon

Top Products India Imported from Gabon

Top Products India Exported to Gabon

HS CodeProduct DescriptionTotal Import Value (USD) (%) of ImportsNo. Of Shipments
2602Manganese Ores And Concentrates, Including Ferruginous Manganese Ores And Concentrates With A Manganese Content Of 20% Or More, Calculated On The Dry Weight7787282.6290.3628
4407Wood Sawn Or Chipped Lengthwise, Sliced Or Peeled, Whether Or Not Planed, Sanded Or End-jointed, Of A Thickness Exceeding 6 Mm318237.173.695
4408Sheets For Veneering (including Those Obtained By Slicing Laminated Wood), For Plywood Or For Similar Laminated Wood And Other Wood, Sawn Lengthwise, Sliced Or Peeled, Whether Or Not Planed, Sanded, Spliced Or End-jointed, Of A Thickness Not Exceeding 6 253488.262.945
7601Unwrought Aluminium81776.560.952
7602Aluminium Waste And Scrap77994.180.912
7801Unwrought Lead44410.210.521
2620Slag, Ash And Residues (other Than From The Manufacture Of Iron Or Steel), Containing Arsenic, Metals Or Their Compounds40367.680.471
8536Electrical Apparatus For Switching Or Protecting Electrical Circuits, Or For Making Connections To Or In Electrical Circuits (for Example, Switches, Relays, Fuses, Surge Suppressors, Plugs, Sockets, Lamp-holders And Other Connectors, Junction Boxes), Fo9170.20.111
8539Electric Filament Or Discharge Lamps, Including Sealed Beam Lamp Units And Ultra-violet Or Infra-red Lamps; Arc-lamps5091.270.061
HS CodeProduct DescriptionTotal Export Value (USD) (%) of ExportsNo. Of Shipments
0202Meat Of Bovine Animals, Frozen1891994.9636.9830
7308Structures (excluding Prefabricated Buildings Of Heading 9406) And Parts Of Structures (for Example, Bridges And Bridge-sections, Lock-gates, Towers, Lattice Masts, Roofs, Roofing Frameworks, Doors And Windows And Their Frames And Thresholds For Doors, Sh1122215.2721.9480
3004Unsaturated Acyclic Monocarboxylic Acids, Cyclic Monocarboxylic Acids, Their Anhydrides, Halides, Peroxides And Peroxyacids; Their Halogenated, Sulphonated, Nitrated Or Nitrosated Derivatives283344.785.548
5208Woven Fabrics Of Cotton, Containing 85% Or More By Weight Of Cotton, Weighing Not More Than 200 G/m2181894.023.562
3605Matches; Other Than Pyrotechnic Articles Of Heading 3604124322.652.433
2815Sodium Hydroxide (caustic Soda); Potassium Hydroxide (caustic Potash); Peroxides Of Sodium Or Potassium76883.151.51
3920Other Plates, Sheets, Film, Foil And Strip, Of Plastics, Non-cellular And Not Reinforced, Laminated, Supported Or Similarly Combined With Other Materials73339.391.435
8507Electric Accumulators, Including Separators Therefor, Whether Or Not Rectangular (including Square)67288.961.3215
8207Interchangeable Tools For Hand Tools, Whether Or Not Power-operated, Or For Machine € Tools (for Example, For Pressing, Stamping, Punching, Tapping, Threading, Drilling, Boring, Broaching, Milling, Turning Or Screw Driving), Including Dies For Drawing Or 64016.121.251
8431Parts Suitable For Use Solely Or Principally With The Machinery Of Headings 8425 To 843060508.311.1814

List of top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments arrived from & departed to Gabon

Top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments Arrived from Gabon

Top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments Departed to Gabon

Port NameTotal value Imported (USD)(%) of ImportNo. Of Shipments arrived
Kolkata Sea (INCCU1)4542846.7152.7120
Vizag SEA (INVTZ1)2196966.1725.497
Kakinada Sea (INKAK1)1075171.412.482
Tuticorin Sea (INTUT1)281288.213.263
Mundra Sea (INMUN1)226561.552.633
Tuglakabad ICD (INTKD6)133143.141.544
Chennai Sea (INMAA1)84777.890.982
Startrack Terminal ICD (INSTT6)38951.050.451
Cochin Sea (INCOK1)14603.260.171
Jodhpur ICD (INBGK6)9247.30.111
Port NameTotal value Exported (USD)(%) of ExportNo. Of Shipments Departed
Nhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)2023988.6339.56189
Hyderabad ICD (INSNF6)983764.1319.237
Kattupalli Port Sea (INKAT1)468884.749.1716
Mundra Sea (INMUN1)307278.176.0131
Chennai Sea (INMAA1)295480.545.7820
Kolkata Sea (INCCU1)171942.963.3662
Sahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)158311.923.0941
Pipavav - Victor Port Gujarat Sea (INPAV1)128720.642.523
Tuticorin Sea (INTUT1)125409.992.454
Bangalore ICD (INWFD6)64511.041.268