India and Georgia Bilateral Trade Report

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List of Top 10 Products which India Imports and Exports to Georgia

Top Products India Imported from Georgia

Top Products India Exported to Georgia

HS CodeProduct DescriptionTotal Import Value (USD) (%) of ImportsNo. Of Shipments
3102Mineral Or Chemical Fertilisers, Nitrogenous2848036.8566.849
7602Aluminium Waste And Scrap795818.7718.6823
7902Zinc Waste And Scrap122907.192.883
7404Copper Waste And Scrap110723.432.62
5703Carpets And Other Textile Floor Coverings, Tufted, Whether Or Not Made Up71748.251.6812
7901Unwrought Zinc59145.61.393
2507Kaolin And Other Kaolinic Clays, Whether Or Not Calcined49263.751.162
7326Other Articles Of Iron Or Steel47621.851.123
4805Other Uncoated Paper And Paperboard, In Rolls Or Sheets, Not Further Worked Or Processed Than As Specified In Note 3 To This Chapter46778.141.13
2620Slag, Ash And Residues (other Than From The Manufacture Of Iron Or Steel), Containing Arsenic, Metals Or Their Compounds38816.320.911
HS CodeProduct DescriptionTotal Export Value (USD) (%) of ExportsNo. Of Shipments
2401Unmanufactured Tobacco; Tobacco Refuse2343996.216.465
8414Air Or Vacuum Pumps, Air Or Other Gas Compressors And Fans; Ventilating Or Recycling Hoods Incorporating A Fan, Whether Or Not Fitted With Filters2161527.5315.184
8474Machinery For Sorting, Screening, Separating, Washing, Crushing, Grinding, Mixing Or Kneading Earth, Stone, Ores Or Other Mineral Substances, In Solid (including Powder Or Paste) Form; Machinery For Agglomerating, Shaping Or Moulding Solid Mineral Fuels, 1328340.949.3363
8481Taps, Cocks, Valves And Similar Appliances For Pipes, Boiler Shells, Tanks, Vats Or The Like, Including Pressure-reducing Valves And Thermostatically Controlled Valves1120108.587.87308
0202Meat Of Bovine Animals, Frozen480850.413.388
3004Unsaturated Acyclic Monocarboxylic Acids, Cyclic Monocarboxylic Acids, Their Anhydrides, Halides, Peroxides And Peroxyacids; Their Halogenated, Sulphonated, Nitrated Or Nitrosated Derivatives443502.653.1146
1202Ground-nut, Not Roasted Or Otherwise Cooked, Whether Or Not Shelled Or Broken424880.312.9821
8504Electrical Transformers, Static Converters (for Example, Rectifiers) And Inductors340371.442.396
6802Worked Monumental Or Building Stone (except Slate) And Articles Thereof, Other Than Goods Of Heading 6801; Mosaic Cubes And The Like, Of Natural Stone (including Slate), Whether Or Not On A Backing; Artificially Coloured Granules, Chippings And Powder, Of234445.321.6543

List of top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments arrived from & departed to Georgia

Top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments Arrived from Georgia

Top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments Departed to Georgia

Port NameTotal value Imported (USD)(%) of ImportNo. Of Shipments arrived
Vizag SEA (INVTZ1)2848036.8566.849
Mundra Sea (INMUN1)394230.239.2514
Nhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)367390.488.6212
Chennai Sea (INMAA1)285763.956.7111
Bangalore ICD (INWFD6)71748.251.6812
Kolkata Sea (INCCU1)44421.071.041
Kanakpura ICD (INKKU6)39406.750.921
Startrack Terminal ICD (INSTT6)39079.370.921
Ahemdabad ICD (INSBI6)37632.60.881
Albratos CFS Pvt. Ltd. ICD (INAPL6)36639.620.861
Port NameTotal value Exported (USD)(%) of ExportNo. Of Shipments Departed
Nhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)5770279.3740.52510
Chennai Sea (INMAA1)3820299.5826.83280
Mundra Sea (INMUN1)2377085.8916.6980
Tuglakabad ICD (INTKD6)435871.63.0688
Kolkata Sea (INCCU1)265793.221.8713
Cochin Sea (INCOK1)214452.761.5128
Loni ICD (INLON6)144155.631.018
Dadri ICD (INDER6)1355200.951
Thar Dry Port ICD/Ahmedabad Gujarat ICD (INSAU6)133652.470.9410
Krishnapatnam Port Sea (INKRI1)116861.810.8217