India and Hungary Bilateral Trade Report

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List of Top 10 Products which India Imports and Exports to Hungary

Top Products India Imported from Hungary

Top Products India Exported to Hungary

HS CodeProduct DescriptionTotal Import Value (USD) (%) of ImportsNo. Of Shipments
8411Flat-rolled Products Of Iron Or Non-alloy Steel, Of A Width Of 600 Mm Or More, Hot-rolled, Not Clad, Plated Or Coated5219463.0315.0729
8537Boards, Panels, Consoles Desks, Cabinets And Other Bases, Equipped With Two Or More Apparatus Of Heading 8535 Or 8536, For Electric Control Or The Distribution Of Electricity, Including Those Incorporating Instruments Or Apparatus Of Chapter 90, And Numer1977099.685.7119
8408Compression-ignition Internal Combustion Piston Engines (diesel Or Semi-diesel Engines)1654103.014.7820
8471Automatic Data Processing Machines And Units Thereof; Magnetic Or Optical Readers, Machines For Transcribing Data On To Data Media In Coded Form And Machines For Processing Such Data, Not Elsewhere Specified Or Included1585762.854.58115
2933Carboxyimide-function Compounds (including Saccharin And Its Salts) And Imine-function Compounds1573915.394.5418
8473Parts And Accessories (other Than Covers, Carrying Cases And The Like) Suitable For Use Solely Or Principally With Machines Of Headings 8469 To 84721516879.784.38215
9032Automatic Regulating Or Controlliing Instruments And Apparatus1471949.914.25388
8541Diodes, Transistors And Similar Semi-conductor Devices; Photosensitive Semi-conductor Devices, Including Photovoltaic Cells Whether Or Not Assembled In Modules Or Made-up Into Panels; Light Emitting Diodes; Mounted Piezo-electric Crystal1235165.623.57255
2939Vegetable Alkaloids, Natural Or Reproduced By Synthesis, And Their Salts, Ethers, Esters And Other Derivatives10971633.174
HS CodeProduct DescriptionTotal Export Value (USD) (%) of ExportsNo. Of Shipments
3004Unsaturated Acyclic Monocarboxylic Acids, Cyclic Monocarboxylic Acids, Their Anhydrides, Halides, Peroxides And Peroxyacids; Their Halogenated, Sulphonated, Nitrated Or Nitrosated Derivatives7745479.5923.31186
8473Parts And Accessories (other Than Covers, Carrying Cases And The Like) Suitable For Use Solely Or Principally With Machines Of Headings 8469 To 84725348275.1516.091277
2933Carboxyimide-function Compounds (including Saccharin And Its Salts) And Imine-function Compounds3373068.9610.1546
2942Other Organic Compounds1538033.874.6331
2922Oxygen-function Amino-compounds1403935.344.228
8511Electrical Ignition Or Starting Equipment Of A Kind Used For Spark-ignition Or Compression-ignition Internal Combustion Engines (for Example, Ignition Magnetos, Magneto-dynamos, Ignition Coils, Sparking Plugs And Glow Plugs, Starter Motors); Generators (f1282289.493.86112
8480Moulding Boxes For Metal Foundry; Mould Bases; Moulding Patterns; Moulds For Metal (other Than Ingot Moulds), Metal Carbides, Glass, Mineral Materials, Rubber Or Plastics1213597.823.6538
8517Telephone Sets, Including Telephones For Cellular Networks Or For Other Wireless Networks; Other Apparatus For The Transmission Or Reception Of Voice, Images Or Other Data, Including Apparatus For Communication In A Wired Or Wireless Network (such As A Lo976775.462.94267
8472Other Office Machines (for Example, Hectograph Or Stencil Duplicating Machines, Addressing Machines, Automatic Bank Note Dispensers, Coin Sorting Machines, Coin Counting Or Wrapping Machines, Pencil-sharpening Machines, Perforating Or Stapling Machine)965194.362.946
7325Other Cast Articles Of Iron Or Steel744393.692.24120

List of top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments arrived from & departed to Hungary

Top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments Arrived from Hungary

Top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments Departed to Hungary

Port NameTotal value Imported (USD)(%) of ImportNo. Of Shipments arrived
Nhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)10412355.4730.06663
Sahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)5237587.8715.121129
Delhi Air (INDEL4)5180929.0114.96925
Bangalore Air (INBLR4)4895839.5114.131532
Chennai Air (INMAA4)2295775.656.631974
Chennai Sea (INMAA1)1186029.033.42245
Tuglakabad ICD (INTKD6)1065391.133.0834
Hyderabad Air (INHYD4)895756.722.5929
Kolkata Air (INCCU4)782548.492.2625
Mundra Sea (INMUN1)432812.421.2589
Port NameTotal value Exported (USD)(%) of ExportNo. Of Shipments Departed
Sahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)8956935.7226.95774
Talegaon Pune ICD (INTLG6)4373817.8813.16983
Chennai Air (INMAA4)3516714.1710.58939
Nhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)3456871.9610.4444
Hyderabad Air (INHYD4)3173001.489.55147
Delhi Air (INDEL4)2638992.267.94811
Chennai Sea (INMAA1)1752860.235.27202
Bangalore Air (INBLR4)1550653.784.67569
Tuglakabad ICD (INTKD6)850203.882.56126
Ahemdabad Air (INAMD4)665493.02297