India and Iceland Bilateral Trade Report

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List of Top 10 Products which India Imports and Exports to Iceland

Top Products India Imported from Iceland

Top Products India Exported to Iceland

HS CodeProduct DescriptionTotal Import Value (USD) (%) of ImportsNo. Of Shipments
2826Fluorides; Fluorosilicates, Fluoroaluminates And Other Complex Fluorine Salts173147.6234.055
8517Telephone Sets, Including Telephones For Cellular Networks Or For Other Wireless Networks; Other Apparatus For The Transmission Or Reception Of Voice, Images Or Other Data, Including Apparatus For Communication In A Wired Or Wireless Network (such As A Lo85587.516.831
9021Orthopaedic Appliances, Including Crutches, Surgical Belts And Truses; Splints And Other Fracture Appliances; Artificial Parts Of The Body; Hearing Aids And Other Appliances Which Are Worn Or Carried, Or Implanted In The Body, To Compensate For A Defect O50606.329.9551
8529Parts Suitable For Use Solely Or Principally With The Apparatus Of Headings 8525 To 852831441.026.1813
8531Electric Sound Or Visual Signalling Apparatus (for Example, Bells, Sirens, Indicator Panels, Burglar Or Fire Alarms), Other Than Those Of Heading 8512 Or 853027443.295.41
8504Electrical Transformers, Static Converters (for Example, Rectifiers) And Inductors26510.135.213
8523Electrical Apparatus For Switching Or Protecting Electrical Circuits, Or For Making Connections To Or In Electrical Circuits (for Example, Switches, Relays, Fuses, Surge Suppressors, Plugs, Sockets, Lamp-holders And Other Connectors, Junction Boxes), Fo69011.362
9018Instruments And Appliances Used In Medical, Surgical, Dental Or Veterinary Sciences, Including Scientigraphic Apparatus, Other Electromedical Apparatus And Sight-testing Instruments3841.650.764
8533Electrical Resistors (including Rheostats And Potentiometers), Other Than Heating Resistors1919.830.386
HS CodeProduct DescriptionTotal Export Value (USD) (%) of ExportsNo. Of Shipments
2933Carboxyimide-function Compounds (including Saccharin And Its Salts) And Imine-function Compounds809196.0945.053
2924Carboxyamide-function Compounds; Amide-function Compounds Of Carbonic Acid543229.1930.245
3824Prepared Binders For Foundry Moulds Or Cores; Chemical Products And Preparations Of The Chemical Or Allied Industries (including Those Consisting Of Mixtures Of Natural Products), Not Elsewhere Specified Or Included70938.123.952
9001Optical Fibres And Optical Fibre Bundles; Optical Fibre Cables Other Than Those Of Heading No 8544; Sheets And Plates Of Polarising Material; Lenses (including Contact Lenses), Prisms, Mirrors And Other Optical Elements, Of Any Material, Unmounted, Other 70187.943.9119
5608Knotted Netting Of Twine, Cordage Or Rope; Made Up Fishing Nets And Other Made Up Nets, Of Textile Materials53529.372.9825
8701Tractors (other Than Tractors Of Heading 8709)53417.642.974
3004Unsaturated Acyclic Monocarboxylic Acids, Cyclic Monocarboxylic Acids, Their Anhydrides, Halides, Peroxides And Peroxyacids; Their Halogenated, Sulphonated, Nitrated Or Nitrosated Derivatives34319.311.914
4011New Pneumatic Tyres, Of Rubber32675.261.825
5607Twine, Cordage, Ropes And Cables, Whether Or Not Plaited Or Braided And Whether Or Not Impregnated, Coated, Covered Or Sheathed With Rubber Or Plastics28784.341.628
7325Other Cast Articles Of Iron Or Steel19345.951.085

List of top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments arrived from & departed to Iceland

Top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments Arrived from Iceland

Top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments Departed to Iceland

Port NameTotal value Imported (USD)(%) of ImportNo. Of Shipments arrived
Vizag SEA (INVTZ1)272559.9453.66
Delhi Air (INDEL4)11690622.9972
Sahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)86643.0917.045
Chennai Air (INMAA4)30444.255.998
Bangalore Air (INBLR4)1919.830.386
Port NameTotal value Exported (USD)(%) of ExportNo. Of Shipments Departed
Hyderabad Air (INHYD4)1352425.2875.298
Nhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)146751.398.1763
Hyderabad ICD (INSNF6)70938.123.952
Chennai Sea (INMAA1)53417.642.974
Delhi Air (INDEL4)51305.392.8659
Sahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)34319.311.914
Mundra Sea (INMUN1)32717.891.827
Kolkata Sea (INCCU1)19345.951.085
Ahemdabad ICD (INSBI6)151000.841
Chennai Air (INMAA4)9052.080.53