India and Togo Bilateral Trade Report

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List of Top 10 Products which India Imports and Exports to Togo

Top Products India Imported from Togo

Top Products India Exported to Togo

HS CodeProduct DescriptionTotal Import Value (USD) (%) of ImportsNo. Of Shipments
2510Natural Calcium Phosphates, Natural Aluminium Calcium Phosphates And Phosphatic Chalk12018905.4157.292
4403Wood In The Rough, Whether Or Not Stripped Of Bark Or Sapwood, Or Roughly Squared3640206.5717.35134
7204Ferrous Waste And Scrap; Remelting Scrap Ingots Of Iron Or Steel2648679.7212.6251
7602Aluminium Waste And Scrap1021714.944.8726
7404Copper Waste And Scrap858639.84.0911
5201Cotton, Not Carded Or Combed357148.871.72
8548Waste And Scrap Of Primary Cells, Primary Batteries And Electric Accumulators; Spent Primary Cells, Spent Primary Batteries And Spent Electric Accumulators; Electrical Parts Of Machinery Or Apparatus, Not Specified Or Included Elsewhere In This Chapter219529.071.056
0801Coconuts, Brazil Nuts And Cashew Nuts, Fresh Or Dried, Whether Or Not Shelled Or Peeled84164.650.41
1201Soya Beans, Whether Or Not Broken61986.110.31
7902Zinc Waste And Scrap30684.50.151
HS CodeProduct DescriptionTotal Export Value (USD) (%) of ExportsNo. Of Shipments
5407Woven Fabrics Of Synthetic Filament Yarn, Including Woven Fabrics Obtained From Materials Of Heading 54046127996.2518.85247
5208Woven Fabrics Of Cotton, Containing 85% Or More By Weight Of Cotton, Weighing Not More Than 200 G/m25655549.8217.39149
5810Embroidery In The Piece, In Strips Or In Motifs4479146.8813.77201
6307Other Made Up Articles, Including Dress Patterns1335429.674.1163
6209Babies' Garments And Clothing Accessories835773.042.5731
5515Yarn (other Than Sewing Thread) Of Artificial Staple Fibres, Not Put Up For Retail Sale791815.492.4423
3004Unsaturated Acyclic Monocarboxylic Acids, Cyclic Monocarboxylic Acids, Their Anhydrides, Halides, Peroxides And Peroxyacids; Their Halogenated, Sulphonated, Nitrated Or Nitrosated Derivatives774333.822.38101
1905Bread, Pastry, Cakes, Biscuits And Other Bakers Wares, Whether Or Not Containing Cocoa; Communion Wafers, Empty Cachets Of A Kind Suitable For Pharmaceutical Use, Sealing Wafers, Rice Paper And Similar Products658634.282.0364
7308Structures (excluding Prefabricated Buildings Of Heading 9406) And Parts Of Structures (for Example, Bridges And Bridge-sections, Lock-gates, Towers, Lattice Masts, Roofs, Roofing Frameworks, Doors And Windows And Their Frames And Thresholds For Doors, Sh635129.681.9554

List of top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments arrived from & departed to Togo

Top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments Arrived from Togo

Top 10 Indian Ports where Shipments Departed to Togo

Port NameTotal value Imported (USD)(%) of ImportNo. Of Shipments arrived
Vizag SEA (INVTZ1)6185552.0629.489
Dahej Port Sea (INDAH1)6181077.2729.461
Chennai Sea (INMAA1)2439022.111.6357
Mundra Sea (INMUN1)1665941.357.9449
Mangalore Sea (INNML1)916387.24.3728
Tuticorin Sea (INTUT1)904348.464.3121
Dadri ICD (INDER6)656887.343.1310
Nhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)487009.52.327
Mulund ICD (INMUL6)370346.641.7721
CMA CGM Logistics Park ICD (INCPL6)314673.621.57
Port NameTotal value Exported (USD)(%) of ExportNo. Of Shipments Departed
Nhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)17689128.5154.41288
Mundra Sea (INMUN1)6099082.2918.76276
Mulund ICD (INMUL6)1436058.074.4235
Ahemdabad ICD (INSBI6)969522.042.9811
Sahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)703263.632.16345
Kolkata Sea (INCCU1)691936.312.1312
Krishnapatnam Port Sea (INKRI1)651723.6725
Chennai Sea (INMAA1)644113.561.9822
Nagpur ICD (INNGP6)504130.931.5515
Hyderabad ICD (INSNF6)489395.011.5131